Monday, October 15, 2012

LMFAO, party rock, water, and train and more partying

Hello family and friends from the great city of Zaragoza!!

Another week down here in the mission. This week was crazy and we had lots of funny things happen to us. Let’s start with water. Something is wrong with our hot water and it hasn’t been warming up. And even when it does, it is not that hot and it is just a drizzle with not that much pressure. In the summer we could bear it but now it is getting colder and the last thing we want to do is take a cold shower when our piso is freezing in the morning. So we went old school a few days this week and would warm up a pot of water and use a cup. Ha ha it was more work but better then a cold shower. And then we had a baptism last Saturday and we had to have it at 12. So the other elders went to the church at like 8 to fill up the font then came back. So then me and Elder Tirado went over at 10 just to check on things and get ready for it. We get there and there is no water in the font. The other elders had forgotten to put the plug in!!! So for the next 2 hours we were filling up buckets from the sink in the kitchen and just going as fast as we could to fill it. It normally takes 5 or 6 hours to fill and we had 2 hours. But somehow we filled it and we were able to do the baptism. It was a miracle to get that thing filled. But we had to do it. And my third investigator was baptized ;) and I was able to baptize her too!! And my companion did the confirmation. I was so happy, and you can see the change in her. It is so great, and we have another one of our investigators being baptized next week!! So many miracles down here in Zaragoza. And it started raining a ton this week, and we get soaked. So there is my water for the week ha ha.

So with the trains...well we had to go to Lleida for a zone conference and we had to go in the night before to stay with more elders, because we wouldn’t have had time to travel in the morning. So we get to the station and try to scan our tickets and the train worker gave us the wrong then we had to buy more tickets and barely made the train and now we are broke for that.  Then 2 days later I had to go to Barcelona to get my card that proves that I live here and the office sent us a number on our phone to use at the station to print our tickets. And of course we forgot the phone with the number. So we were scrambling to use the pay phone to call the other elders in our piso to give us the number and barely made the train again. It was crazy.

And with the fiestas. Well the festival of the pialr was last week. Apparently it is world know and it is just a party for a week and everyone goes to it. It is so crazy, and the buses are packed to the brim which makes it difficult for us to travel. It was just annoying, everyone was just drunk. But the pialr looked really neat and pretty. We saw it a couple times. But we are glad the party is over. And LMFAO had a concert in Zaragoza....a few of our investigators went. It sounded way fun!! And I hear that Carrie Underwood has a concert back in Utah....hope my girl did good!!

Anyway everything is going great in the mission; it is just getting a lot colder here. But we are seeing so many miracles. And we also have interviews this week with president; I can’t wait to see him again. I love him so so much. Please pray for the mission goal of 600! I know that prayer works and it is real. So we could use the help. I love you all.


Elder Farah

P.S....write me!!

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