Monday, November 26, 2012

And Another Two Go Down!!!

Hello family and friends!!

Yes this past week was Thanksgiving. And it was a normal day for us ha ha. We tried to make it fun and celebrate a little bit for as much as we can for Thanksgiving. We have a football in our piso so I slept with the football in honor of the turkey bowl. Now we might buy some cheap decorations for our piso for Christmas, I am not sure yet. We are still in our old piso, and are still trying to move out. But there of course is a bunch of problems so we are just waiting for them to be taken care of. And we still have to shower with buckets of water, and it can be really cold in the mornings!! But it is all part of the adventure of the mission.

Our two baptisms this week were amazing; it was another family that we brought into the gospel. And the best part was is that eddy’s brother baptized him and his wife and he is a recent convert of only 3 months. It is just amazing to see how much people can grow and how much they change through this gospel. They were confirmed yesterday and looked so happy. They are very excited to be in this church and to learn more. And he asked to have my gold tie. So now I have to give it to him next week h aha because I love him and can´t deny any member or convert of mine anything. It kind of gets me in trouble sometimes, I say yes to everyone in the ward and then can’t do everything they ask but I try and they just laugh at me because I am also so crazy at church trying to do 100 things at once. I just love church so much. I love seeing everyone in one place so happy and learning about the gospel.

We had a conference all the way up in Bilbao this week with Elder Richards from the Second Quorum on the Seventy, a general authority. It was amazing and I know that he is a man called of God. He talked to us for 4 hours with videos and practices and the whole nine yards. It was so great to meet a general authority like him. And I got to see President Pace again, and I love seeing him if course. It was so good. Bilbao is so pretty! I want to serve up there one day really bad. It did take us 5 hours to get up there on a train and 5 hours back but is was worth it!! And we even got to stay in a hotel!!!  And it had carpet!! I have never been so grateful for carpet and a working shower. It is funny the things you really become grateful for out here.

Alright I love you all so much :) hope to hear from you soon!!

Elder Farah

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