Monday, December 3, 2012

Miracle After Miracle

Happy December!!!

I just want to share one of my favorite miracles I had this week. This miracle was incredible. We were visiting one of our recent converts, Mike and he has a piso mate that we have tried to teach before and has never wanted anything, but he is extremely nice. So we went to visit Mike and we walked in and his piso mate, Edward, was smoking and drinking beer as he does every day, but today was different. He said that he wanted to pray with us and of course we said alright that is great! So we sit down and prayed, and then he says I want to become a member of our church. I was shocked, so then I asked him why and he said I have a son on a mission in Argentina and my ex-wife and other son are members of your church. I have been a few times before and I know that this is my time. God has told me I need to go back to church. He said straight up that I want to change my life and quite smoking and drinking and be baptized. He has such strong desires and he wants to change!!! And he showed up to church on Sunday and told me how good he feels to be there. This man is so sincere and I can’t wait until his baptism. I want to write his son on a mission once he is baptized and tell him that his dad has changed. I just have so much love for this man, it is the typical story. And I can’t wait. I am so excited to see him tomorrow. He needs to stop smoking and drinking. The usual here right? But I can’t wait to help him and I know this is the one and only true gospel that can help.

Here in Spain there isn’t a whole lot of Christmas around. In the really nice parts of the city yes, but most places no. So we are trying to decorate our piso a little bit ha ha. But that is alright, the members will take care of us and I think we have already had like 4 invites for dinner for Christmas so we will see how it goes. But we did have a Thanksgiving Feast with the food my dear mommy sent me. It was so good!! Most of the stuff we just had to add water so we didn’t mess it up ha ha.

One thing I have learned out here on the mission is how to show true love. I hug every member I see and every investigator I have (just the guys of course) but I have learned just to show pure love for everyone and be their friend. That is when these people trust us and feel the spirit, when they feel loved. Church is my favorite time of week; I have never loved church more in my life. I see all the members and all of our recent converts. And it is the greatest feeling ever to great each one of them one by one at the door with a smile on my face. I love these people so much, and would do anything for them. I can’t ever say no to anyone about anything. It gets me in trouble sometimes ha ha but I just love them so much. Love is a huge attribute of Christ, and I am trying to master that along with being myself. Because that is why I was specifically called to Spain. For who I am.

I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!!


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