Monday, November 5, 2012

And TWO More Go Down!!!

Hello people back in good ol´America

Alright so many miracles to pick from but remember how we had the miracle with Sophia last Saturday? Well her sister was just as big!!! We had to go teach Sophia on our preparation day last week and while we were teaching her, her sister was there as well. We started going over the baptism calendar we had given to Sophia, and we were just about to invite her sister to be baptized when her sister just asked can I be baptized too? Of course we said yes and put the fecha for her for next week. But she said no I am ready to be baptized this week!! And she had already been to church a few times. So me and Elder Tirado looked at each other and said alright let’s do it!! So we had the blessing of having 2 people baptized this week. This truly is the second harvest, those miracles prove it. It was incredible, but we are always looking for more!! We need 600 this year!!

And we are going to need a lot of help to get it, we are around 415 I think and only have two months left! But I know with the help of the Lord we can do it. And not only that, but they are making a new stake in Spain!! And our branch is included!! Because our branch has grown so much, I think we will become a ward. We are excited for Zaragoza to be part of a stake!! Next weekend is the historic day, and we get the opportunity to be there. And President Pace is calling the new stake president, we are very excited.

I think this past week was as normal as it gets in Spain; we didn’t have anything lite on fire and soaked this week so I think we managed pretty well. And we even get to go and buy food today!! WOOO!! The whole month of October, we hardly had anything but we made it through and are very happy that we get to stock our cuboarda and shelves today with food and not have to pay with it with personal money. Halloween is kinda celebrated here, not a lot. Some people dressed up and went tricking treating, but just little kids. A member invited us over for some food on Halloween night so we celebrated it there. Other than that we heard drunk people outside our piso all night breaking bottles but that is normal for here ha ha. I did miss seeing carved pumpkins and scary stuff. It is starting to get cold here, but as long as it doesn’t rain and we don’t get wet, we stay pretty warm.

Alright just know that I am having the time of my life!! Ya it is the hardest thing ever and nothing ever goes right, my Spanish frustrates me, but all you can do is laugh and smile. As long as we just keep a good attitude out here, everything goes great. I love you all!!


Elder Farah

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