Tuesday, December 18, 2012



So this week was nuts, we had to move pisos last preparation day and it was insane, it took the whole day!! We didn’t even get time to do anything fun but oh well ha ha.  But we finally have working hot water and a super nice big piso. It is so great; the other piso had had elders in it for over 20 years so it was just destroyed.  But i will get the address and email it on here next week.

Edward is still good to go for this Saturday to be baptized!! I am so excited for him. He really has stopped doing everything bad and is ready to change his life.  He is a true example of how this gospel changes lives, and he is so ready for this.  I love this man!!!

This past week we have been working really hard to find new people and build our pool back up.  Some days you just have to grind them out, especially when you knock over 100 doors and every single one gets slammed in your face and people yell so me crazy things at you.   But me and my companion laugh and make it fun and we are trying to have the faith that there is someone behind that door. And if a old person opens up the door and doesn’t want anything; right before they shut it I ask for some advice for us young boys in life. It has brought some pretty fun answers ha ha.

This miracle we had occurred yesterday, last night.  After working so hard all day, and getting doors slammed in our face, we were visiting a lady for the first time and she was a reference from a member in our ward. First off this member is incredible, she is always looking for new people that we can teach and she told me on Sunday that she might not have a chappa on her shirt, but her chappa is up in the heavens. She has some of the strongest desires to build the kingdom of God and help the missionaries. But we visited this woman and she is from Peru, and Elder Pearson loves the people from Peru, so we did a basic leccion zero and we found out that she had a nephew die at 2 years old. She lives alone, but wants to live with her kids really bad, and knows that now is the time for her to change and endure to the end. She knows that she needs to endure to the end, and we just talked about how this Gospel can always bring us happiness and is always a bright light in our lives. We invited her to be baptized for the 5th and she accepted,

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas, it doesn't feel like it but we have a few decorations in piso and we sing the Christmas hymns every morning so we are trying to bring in the Christmas spirit!! And for the record, if anyone anywhere gets mission calls I need to know where they are going and when!! Thanks ;) I love you all so much, thank you for the support!!


Elder Farah

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