Monday, December 31, 2012

Feliz Ano!!!

Happy new year family and friends!

It was so great to talk the family over Skype on Christmas. I love you guys so much! And I can’t believe Carson is engaged...I so asked him on Christmas day when he was proposing and he told me nobody knows!! And now days later he is engaged....thanks a lot cousin!! Ha ha just kidding but this will already be the 3rd wedding I am missing. I am just that long lost cousin in the family now who is never in the wedding photos ha ha. But congratulations cousin!!!

My favorite miracle from the week was with our investigator Mercedes. She is just progressing along so well and she gave up coffee a couple of days ago. She even invited her friend to come with her to her baptism this week but then her friend starting asking her why she was doing this so fast. Then she told her that she had received an answer from God that she needs to do this and that God has told her that this is the right thing to do. She truly is incredible and already has a strong testimony of this church and the Book of Mormon. I love her so much. And we have a ton of people that hopefully we can get in with this week. Everyone said to meet after the holidays so after tomorrow no more holidays!! We have big plans for this week.

Just by talking to my family (and friends :)) I am so grateful for the people in my life. I am so grateful to have a supportive, loving family in my life. And I am so happy to have such amazing friends that have ALL been examples to me; through serving missions and from the support I receive out here in Spain. I really am so blessed. Out here in Spain, it is hard to find a complete loving family where everyone is part of the church. That has definitely strengthened my testimony about how families and friends are such a blessing in this life and that we can truly be with them forever. So thank you all so much for everything, may the New Year bring more happiness and new adventures!!

Con Amor,


Elder Farah

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