Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Have Moved!!!

Hello family and friends!!

So I have moved areas!! Sorry I couldn’t write yesterday, I was traveling all day on like 3 trains to get to this little city. It is a big change. I went from a huge city in the middle of the mission to a small city that is close to the coast!! The whole train ride over, I just looked out the window at the beach. It is so different here but so beautiful. I am now in Castellon as the senior companion with an elder from Australia named Elder Biddle. He is like 23 years old and is 6’4’’ and played rugby. But he is super quiet and super shy and just got done with training, so is still really new. So I hope that my Spanish is good enough!! I am not going to lie, I am a little nervous being out here as the senior companion and in an area where the closest missionaries are like an hour away, but it is a good change and I like the looks of Castellon and Elder Pearson told me all about it and how great the members are.

I have been praying a lot the last few nights to not be nervous and to keep my animo super high like I always have and to not lose my smile or anything and just be myself. I studied, “Praying with Faith” the last couple of days in Preach my Gospel as well and that is my miracle. That we are able to talk with our Father in Heaven and he can answer my prayers. Just in the last few days of me incorporating what I have learned to praying, I can already see a difference. It is a miracle that God answers our prayers. And I am going to need all the help that I can get!! Not to mention it was super sad saying bye to the members and to Elder Pearson my companion and Elder Spencer who I had been living with my whole mission. But I think the best word that describes the mission is CHANGE. It isn’t easy, but I just learn from it. I know this change was for me to push myself more and put all my faith and trust in the Lord, guess I was too comfortable and having too much fun in Zaragoza! I know I will become a lot closer to the Lord especially with just the two of us out here. And we need to pick the work back up, so we got to do work these next few weeks!! There isn’t anything to it but just to do it.

Ok the best part...Elder Tirado and Elder Roberts are my zone leaders!! And Hermana Goodman is in my district!!! So I will see them once a week in district meeting. And Elder Dixon who was my zone leader the whole time I was in Zaragoza is now my district leader in my new district!! So I have the best leaders with me and I am very excited to serve with them in the zone of Valencia.

Alright wish me luck out here!!

Elder Farah

my new address:
Avenida Casalduch 16, 1B
12005 Castellón

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