Monday, February 25, 2013

Heart Broken the Week After Valentines Day!

Hello family and friends!!

Well we were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday with my first Spaniard. And after this week we had a lot drops and sadly, Marcelino did not get baptized. it broke my heart, all the up until Friday he was ready and excited until he showed up to the visit on Friday and said that the old women he takes care of said that if he gets baptized, he won’t have a job and apparently he has had this job since he was 14 and now is 35. And then he didn’t come to church yesterday. So we need to call him and tell him it is still ok and that he should come and in due time he will be baptized, but it was so sad and he felt so bad. So now we have to really start finding. So we took the ideas from the zone leaders during the conference and yesterday booked a ton of member visits, especially with the ones that are a little less popular and we don’t know very well. So we hope to rake in a lot of names this week to get this place going again!! But last week we had this place booking and it all blew up in our faces this week, but the Lord is just testing us!! So we have to put our nose to the grind and find this people and after our blitz with the members on Sunday, we are hoping to find some people or some menos activos.

I had a very interesting experience this week. I went up to Valencia for 2 days to do intercombios with another missionary. And I was with a 26 year old kid from Romania who hasn’t even been in the church for 2 years yet. Right at his year mark he came on a mission. But he was serving in Romania for like 9 months, but caused a lot of problems. So they said he could either come to this mission or go home. And well, he has great desires but just it really hard on the inside and has a very short fuse. And he caused so many problems in just a week that president has already changed him to the area in Barcelona so he can be closer to president. All I want to say is that I am grateful for the great companions I have had and that I haven’t run into problems like that. I need to be more grateful for what I have, we can never be too grateful. I feel so bad for all the times I wasn’t grateful in my life. Sorry mother!! Ha ha but I am learning so much out here and I will never forget them. I love this Gospel and know it is the only thing in this life that is always going to bring us happiness.

Time to get to work!! Love you all!!

Elder Farah

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