Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Just Love Our Font (AKA Mini Swimming Pool)

Our Newest Member!


Another one bites the dust in the mission field.  And our baptism was a success and they were both confirmed on Sunday!! I just love that I can sit down every week and tell you a miracle story and the hardest part is picking one from the week that we saw! But my miracle has to do with our baptism of Raluca. She was baptized and her parents are both members and she is 14. She knew everything before we taught her she just needed a little push from the missionaries to be baptized :) but after she was baptized she wanted to share her testimony and she shared an incredible testimony and started crying during it. I couldn’t believe that was our convert standing up there. We really didn’t do anything; the Lord prepared her so well. And I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of her baptism!

But of course there had to be problems with the font.  We starting filling it again, assuming that all the holes were fixed because that is what our ward mission leader told us.  So we started filling it and then went to stack chairs and get the church ready. Then we looked at the font again and there was water leaking, there was another hole!! So we couldn’t just leave it.  But of course the hole was right in the middle of the tarp/font thing.  So we ran to the store to buy a patch kit to fix it and came back.  But the problem was that there was already water in the font, and we couldn’t drain it because we didn’t have enough time to drain it and then refill it. So our only option was to get in and pull up the tarp from the bottom, slide a chair underneath, sit on top of the tarp on the chair and fix it.  And we didn’t have time to go home and change. So I told Elder Perkis to go watch the door and I just took off my suit and clothes and jumped in!! Ha ha it was so funny, and I managed to get it fixed and there were no problems with the font after.  But it was just hilarious as I am in the font with no clothes fixing this stinking hole. But it worked and the baptism was a success!! Me and my companion were laughing so hard. But it is just the memories, and I love it.

We might be having another baptism this week but I am not sure, the girl wants to be baptized but I am not sure if her parents will let her.  But we were knocking doors the other day and we found 2 families that want us to return and teach them!! So we are super excited to do that and I would love to baptize a whole family!! I love this work and I love this gospel. I could never deny it!


Elder Farah

P.S. Sorry the email is late, this week was transfers and I am just staying with Elder Perkis.

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