Monday, April 8, 2013

I Love Conference!

Conference was the best!! Granted I did have to watch it in Spanish. We had to watch it in a member’s home because we don’t get it down here in our little town, and we weren’t able to watch the last session because it is too late here. I think we will watch it for District Meeting. I will need to talk to some members in Valencia to get that set up ha ha. But there was only one place to watch it in English with headphones, and of course I let my comp watch it in English because he wouldn’t have understood a word in Spanish. But it was actually good, it made me pay really, really close attention and surprisingly I understood mostly everything. I love President Uchtdorf’s talk about light and darkness. I just think of how we help these people come to the light and put them on the right path! And I liked Elder Cardon’s (I think that is his name) talk about forgiveness. It is all so true, the Lord wants to forgive us, we just have to be humble enough to repent and use the atonement in our lives. That is why we have it! And we need to forgive ourselves and others. I really liked those two talks, and am excited to watch or read the last session sometime soon! 

We will be having a baptism on the27th! It is this Romanian girl, we went and visited her and her family and it is all official now, so we are pretty stoked about that. But we want one before then, so we are working really hard with the people we have to push them to get in the water!  Easter was pretty normal here. Spain was pretty much a ghost town this week. It was a holiday all week for the semana santa because the Catholics are huge during Easter and take the whole week off. But for us it was just like normal, almost like it didn’t even come — ha ha — holidays and things like that don’t really occur to me too much anymore, it is just like a normal day! But yeah that’s about it; interviews with president are this week. I love interviews with him! I love just sitting and talking with him about the missionary life and what we can do to be better. So I am excited to see him this week. Hopefully I pass!! Ha ha,
Aright, hope all is well, summer is coming!! Hopefully with how much I sweat during summer I will lose some weight.


Elder Farah

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