Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!! 

Well this week has been a lot of fun, and a lot of work. We had Cindy’s baptism and it was amazing and flawless. Well the baptism part. Of course the font was leaking again and nobody has fixed it yet so again I spent most of my time mopping the constant slow leaks. And the water gets pumped out of a wall with a tube that sticks into the wall and some little kid decided to pull out the tube out and water started flying everywhere ha ha it was way funny. But I just was in the back mopping and the service went on a d it was great. Elder Perkis baptized her and did it perfectly and he was so excited after and he could barely finish the prayer because he started to cry. It was great. And we set another fecah this week with a girl from Romania. Her parents are members but she never has been baptized because she lives in the areal where there hasn’t been a church. But now that we are going down there once a month to have a sacrament, she can be baptized. So we taught her and invited her to be baptized and she accepted! The only thing is that she lives kinda far...but we will baptize her no matter what!! So she can be with her family in the gospel.

My birthday has also gone well. The members are so nice to me. On Friday night they threw me a surprise party in a members home and had a cake there and dinner. And then Saturday we ate at a member’s house and she also made a cake for me and they sang to me as well and gave me a present. And then on Sunday they all told me happy birthday and what not. I love the people here so much, I love serving here in Castellon. It is amazing and I never want to leave!! Even today some members invited us over to play ping pong for p-day and it was way fun, I still got it in table tennis :) But the people here are great. And it just makes me want to work harder to make them happier with the ward increasing.

I have been super busy this week as normal these days!! But I really think the ward is starting to trust us a lot. They are always calling me for things and for favors and to invite us over to eat. Training is a lot of work, especially with the language but it is totally worth it!! And I think my first district meeting went well. We baked the cake that mom sent me because it was another Elder’s birthday and our oven doesn’t work in our piso so we made it at the church and ate it. It was so good, thank you mom!

Other than that I am just going forward, working as hard as I can to set an example for my new elder!! I really am teaching him everything!! It reminds me of the days where Elder Tirado taught me everything down to polishing my shoes and how to do laundry Spain style. And now I am doing it! Funny how the world goes round. Happy Easter!!


Elder Farah.

P.S...Elder Orth is returning with honor :)

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