Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bon Dia Amigos!!!

So this week has been way good, our baptism was great!! Except for the fact that our ward mission leader said we was going to fix the font so it would stop leaking and he fixed it but then started the water really late so we didn’t have a lot. So we did buckets again and when the service started there wasn’t a lot of water, and I was doing the baptism!! So it was a little difficult, but I still got her down the first time :) and it was so great. The only problem is that she showed up to church late so she will be confirmed the next week, even though the Bishop should have done it at the end of the meeting. It has been a while since I have physically baptized someone, since December I think. And when I was in the water saying the prayer, I just could feel the sprit so strong and I just love having the opportunity to baptize people. It is such a great privilege and an honor to do that. So it was a very good experience for me and a good reminder of how great it feels to baptize someone.

My miracle that I loved this week occurred was with a 16 year old less active boy that we have been working with a lot lately. His mom is super strong in the church, but he is going through a time where he wants to find that this church really is his thing because he was born into it. I remember going through a similar thing once when I was his age so I can really relate to him and that has helped a lot. We were talking with him about the relationship that he has with his mom, because it is just the 2 of them. I think that really helped him and he is trying to be a better son for her. And to top it all off he came to church this past Sunday, and stayed all 3 meetings! I was so excited and happy for him. I know that reactivating is a huge part of the work as well. Reactivating someone strongly is like a baptism for me. Ha ha sorry mom for how much of a pain I was when I was 16...

And what is going on with these bombings? I heard from some members that Boston and Texas got hit with some terrorist attacks or something. And the war with north and south Korea?? Ha ha what is going on!! I would love to know.

But other then that I just keep rolling on here in Spain. As a district we are seeing a lot of success and we will have another baptism this week!! As well as everyone else in our district.  I really love the family and the unity we have together and they are all doing so great!! And Mothers Day is approaching, my companion just reminded me of that. And we all know what that means!! Ha ha love you all have a great week!


Elder Farah

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