Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Castellon en mi corazon

Bon Día!!!

Well I have finally moved from Castellon.  After 6 months of working there, I am now in an area called Las Arenas. LA son!!! But I am so sad to have left Castellon, so many people cried on Sunday and Monday when I was saying good bye to everyone (myself included).  The bishop even had me share my testimony in sacrament meeting at the end and I might have almost lost it.  It is incredible how close you grow to the ward during a mission. They are like my family and I love them so much.  I really didn’t want to go and I came here to Las Arenas dragging my feet.  The train ride was so long yesterday, 3 hours to Barcelona and then 6 to Bilbao.  The members didn’t want me to go. I passed by like 15 houses Monday and I still was missing people and they all gave me so much stuff.  I poured my heart out down there, and did it for the people.  They always gave me the animo to work hard and do it for them.  They all said that they will miss me and my stupid jokes and how nice I am to everyone. 

It was like a paradise up there, eat with the members everyday, brand new piso we found, and all my peeps.  And of course this last week we had the best week of the entire transfer, taught over 20 lessons and have 2 fechas with more on the way, and found a bunch of people.  But I am glad that I left my Chileno with lots of work now, he was pretty nervous to be in charge.  But it is not what I want, it is what the Lord wants and he needs me in Las Arenas now.

Up here is a huge change.  It is a branch of like 30 active people.  The city is beautiful, but the work is really hard.  And there have been 0 baptisms in the ward all year so that says that the work is really tough up here!! And the piso is a typical old Spanish piso, really old, and it is just me and my companion Elder Fredercih.  He just finished training and has 3 months in the field and he is from Kentucky.  But he is a great missionary and a very nice kid.  We are going to be fine together.  But it is a grinder area, and it will rain everyday in the winter, and has random downpours at any point during the day now.  It is hot, but not near as hot as Castellon.  We will see how this goes, I just wanna get the first thing down and get familiar with my area, but I will never forget about Castellon.   

Elder Farah

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