Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So Many Miracles

Hello From LA!!!

Well this week was pretty crazy to figure everything out. It is a whole new world up here. It is so beautiful.  Everything’s green and it is the richer part of Spain so it is very pretty. The only thing that worries me here is the branch.  There was a good 30 of them in church maybe and they are all really struggling.  They are all a little sad and have given up hope a little bit because this area hasn’t seen a baptism since September of last year. Every time I told someone I was excited to be here and work they all looked at me funny because they know it is difficult to have 0 baptisms.   The Branch president is 26 years old; he is super young and got called at 23.  So we just need to pick up the animo and excitement here, I tried to bring that on Sunday to cheer these people up.  But it is definitely very different.  And the church is located on a plaza with like 4 bars.  The church was there first, and now it is surrounded by bars. Pretty funny. 

But my companion is great; he is just starting his third transfer, so he has about 4 months in the mission. He is still learning, but he is already great.  Elder Frederich is from Kentucky.  The best part is that he has no fear talking to anybody and contacting the world.  So we have been talking to so many people trying to pick it up.  We just got to do work and go hard, this place has baptisms waiting

Alright well we have already seen so many miracles together in this short time but I have a huge one to tell you. We found a Peruvian family of 6, a pareja and 4 children from 17 years old to 23. We went and visited the mom one day, and just had a visit with her so then I told her that we were going to come back and teach her and her husband and her family. I was really bold and kind strong with her and just invited us back the next day to see the family, but she liked the idea.  So we went back and the 2 kids wanted to listen to us and so did the husband. We taught the restoration and focused alto on Jesus Christ and baptism. We invited them to be baptized and they accepted. So 4 fechas right there!! The only problem is that the dad said that if we are going to do this, he wants to do it as a family. PERFECTO!!! So Tuesday we are going back and hope to put the other 2 on date, a family off six being baptized would be a huge miracle. But I know it is going to happen, and this is what the branch needs. We are praying so very hard to have this family get baptized, we are on our way!!  A family of 6 getting baptized would change this area, and make a lot of noise in the mission.  We already made a lot of noise this week.

We also put another Bolivian lady with a fecha as well, she is so prepared.  So right now we are working with 5 fechas, just in the first week!! And we have a lot more people that we are working with from the contacts we made this week.  We sent our numbers into the office and they were shocked with the numbers we put up in one week.  This place is changing, and we are going to baptize so many people.  We are gonna make some noise here and in the mission!!! 

My district is big, 4 hermanas and 4 elders, so ten of us in total and a senior couple that is up here in Las Arenas so I guess 12 in the district.  They are a big help for the ward and have been fixing so much.  And I really like my zone leaders, I knew them from before in the mission and we are working really good together with lots of unity. 

Other than that, I am just trying to get comfortable here in this beautiful city.  The piso is more brand new pisos for me ( ha ha welcome back to reality).  I just ask that you all pray for the Parado family to be baptized on the 17 of August as a family.  We’re going after the grand slam!!  Love you all and have a great week

Elder Farah

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