Monday, July 8, 2013

Hace Calor....

Wow, I have such an amazing miracle to share with you guys!!  The day of interviews, right before president got to the church we were out contacting because we hard extra time in the park across the street. I saw this kid looking at us with a smile so I thought maybe he had talked with the missionaries before. So I went up and contacted him and he said we had never seen or heard of us so I said ok we would love to talk with you. We set the visit for 2 days later in the morning at the church. He showed up and we set a fecha with him!! He is 21 years old from Columbia. He said he wants to leave the bad influences of the world. He even asked if it was disrespectful to have earrings in our church. And I was hesitant to say anything because it was our first visit with him, but then he just took them out and apologized for having them. It was amazing!! Then he came to church the next day (the sauna that we have with our broken a/c) then even came to choir later that day and loved every second with it. And by him coming to choir and church he was able to get to know a lot of the members and meet the bishop and everything. It is amazing that all this happened because I opened my mouth and said hola. I pray that he will be baptized and it could be my first baptism from a pure contact!!  It is just the Lord blessing us for all of our hard hard work

It is just getting super-hot here and we just sweat all day every day, I wake up sweating sometimes and then when Ii pray on my knees I sweat, it is pretty funny.  But it’s all good; I just have to pass these 3 months and then take on the freezing cold in the winter.  And interviews with president were way good; it is always so good to see him.  He thanked me for all the work I have done here in Castellon so far, I have experienced a lot and I have seen this place change so much!! Form the groundbreaking of the church, to the new elders, the baptisms and all the good stuff. 

This week also went by really quick, I have been doing exchanges with the district lately (one of the things I have to do) to try and help them out and get them working hard.  This week they all really improved and all have fechas, so things are going good.
Alright I love you all, pray for us to have clouds in the sky every now and then. 


Elder Farah

P.S. the picture is the extent of our Fourth of July, it was a very uneventful day....a member made the treat for us.

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