Monday, July 15, 2013

It's Getting Hot in Here...

Dear Family and Friends,

My miracle from the week was yesterday. We went to visit this member who now isn’t able to come to church because she has work. But just recently her son has arrived from Venezuela and so I really want to teach him. We have been trying and trying and trying to see him but for whatever reason he wasn’t home or was really shy to talk to us. But I know that this woman has a lot of respect for the Bishop. So in our priesthood meeting Sunday morning before church I asked him to come with us after church in the afternoon and he said “no problem, con gusto,” so we went and visited them. And all I got to say is that the Bishop is a powerful man and is so involved in the work here. He talked with this lady and her son and bore pure testimony to this kid that we share a message that changes lives, and then said the Elders will be here Tuesday to visit you and he accepted. I was in shock!! I know that we found this new investigator because of the Bishop and his help for us. I love the Bishop here; he is such a great man and is always asking us about our work and wanting to help. And it didn’t hurt that me and the Bishop get along really well.  I respect him so much.  That is one of the great things about being in an area so long; you get to build great relationships with all the people.

So transfers are next week, and this Saturday night we will find out where we are going. I hope I stay one more transfer!! One more would be like the max amount of time; 5, that is pretty rare around here. The ward on Sunday all told me I had to let them know Saturday night what happens. This one might be rough!! But I will just do work this week and not worry about it. 

Other than that our Colombian kid came to church and everything, and we saw him once last week before he got sick for a few days.  He has a few doubts; he is just scared of changing from Catholic to Christian because his whole family for generations has been Catholic.  So we just need to work with him a little more, but I still really think he will be baptized. And he loves all the things that we do in the church, because if you really take a second to think, our church does a ton!! It is just all pure love, service and sacrifice that we do for our Lord. I love it.

The sun has been pretty hot, and we are right under it.  And I just sweat nonstop.  And when we are in buildings knocking doors in the stairwells it is like an oven because there are no windows, just lights and concrete so it is pretty toasty.  But anything for the Lord!! And it is only going to get hotter, and with the humidity of Castellon, it can make us pretty soaked, but no worries.

Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the summer. Love you!!

Elder Farah

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