Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December!!

So the good thing about having such an old piso is that there is tons of stuff from over the years and we found some Christmas stuff and we have a tree that lights up!!! So we set it up last week and we are feeling the Christmas spirit for sure. I even bought a cheap Santa suit to do some crazy things with :)

As far as the work goes we are struggling a bit, we are going so hard and not seeing much. So then that makes us go harder, when we don’t see much and still nothing. But we keep pressing forward!! I know that the Lord will bless us soon and we will see miracles for working hard.  I know them baptisms are out there!

Miracle came on Sunday night, yesterday. We were passing by some antiguo investigators because it was freezing outside so there was nobody out and we didn’t have a lot of visits set. And we were not seeing much luck at first, and in-between we were knocking and contacting and nothing. But then we went by this lady’s registro which was really good, but I don’t know why the missionaries stopped visiting her. She opens the door and is extremely nice from Brazil and has a husband!!! So now we got her new phone number and we are going back this week to visit her.  And they are in the middle of moving pisos she said because they want to have kids in the future, that means they are all about family. And we got the perfect message!!! Families can be together forever is what I am thinking about sharing....
Other than that we are just pressing forward. It hasn’t rained as much this week (thank goodness), but got colder.  Hope thanksgiving was well!!! 

Elder Farah

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