Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Cold!

Dang it is so cold!! On the bright side it stopped raining a little bit so that is always good. But I hear it has been freezing over there on American soil and that Utah got wrecked with some snow, so I can’t complain.

Big news is that we are a trio of missionaries now!!! An elder who was in the office in Barc got sent up to us and so now we are 3.  He is here to take my spot, but we still have another month till transfers so we are the Big 3 till then.  The elder we got is a stud, we get along way great.

Crazy thing. We had 12 to 2:00 p.m. to contact the other morning and it was actually sunny and a little warm so we just went hard and talked to like every soul we possible could and got like 20 numbers between the 3 of us and that is a ton for 2 hours!! It was really funny, we just took advantage of the sunshine that we don’t see a lot. It was a good experience.

Other than that not much else happened, just trying to find people to baptize. Sorry this letter is boring, not much else!! Christmas is upon us, our branch dinner is this week. I am going to be Santa Claus, I bought I Santa suit :) I will send pictures. Love you all!!
Elder Farah

Elder Farah bought Santa hats for his zone

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