Sunday, December 29, 2013

Remember Las Islas

Well, I love this place. It is a paradise and there is work to do!! I am so excited and my companion is a stud.  He is not the zone leader, we all live in the same piso but me and my zone leader companion are split with newer missionaries. I am with Elder Burnett and he is from Utah and I love his guts. After like day one we were best friends. He is a ball player too and we have a lot in common and are excited to work together and see miracles we need a stake out there!! We are spread out over 3 islands and it is the 3rd biggest zone in the mission. 

Well we are seeing so many miracles here in Palma and we have only been together for a few days. But the one that really stuck out to me was with a woman named Gladys. My first morning Elder Burnett was explaining to me the area and I was looking through some names and contacts and what not. So I called this woman and we went to visit her that afternoon. She had had one lesson from the missionaries before and had come to church once so I don’t know why they lost contact. We went and taught her a powerful lesson on the Book of Mormon and baptism. We left her 2nd Nephi 31 to read. We go back the next day and she says to us ¨I read and I understand I have to be baptized, I am going to get baptized¨ I about jumped out of my chair!!! She couldn’t come to church because she was working, but she looks good for the fourth. The Book of Mormon works miracles and we are going to baptize the world!!!

Yeah so I will be calling about 7:00 Spain time so like 11:00 Utah time and will have about 40 minutes.  The branch is taking care of us out here, they are so great!! It is a big branch but since it is a district not a stake there are no wards. But other than that just trying to get settled out here in the islas!! And I haven’t seen anything too pretty yet, our part of the island is kinda ugly ha ha but I love you all and hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas!! Feliz Naivdad!!! 

Elder Farah

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