Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Well we are officially in 2014 and I am still alive after being a missionary for a complete 365 days of the year.  That is crazy that 2013 is gone!! I remember this time last year in Zaragoza. It is crazy how time flies. 

I went to my first meeting that happens every month with just the zone leaders and the Paces and the ayudantes.  It was such a spiritual experience!! And we set the goal for the New Year.  Last year our focus was to baptize 20 people a week as a mission. And towards the end of the year we were getting it and we doubled in size as a mission.  So this year we want to baptize 30 a week as a mission!! So we can baptize at least 1000 people by the end.  So we all talked about that in our meeting and that was the conclusion that we came to.

Then I did my first zone enfoque with my zone.  It was definitely different being up in front of 24 missionaries instead of sitting down in front of like 8 as a district leader.  But we just introduced the new goal and got them excited to go out and get it done!! We have the other missionaries from the other 2 islands fly in and we all meet here in Palma, it is the center on the district as well. 

We have been teaching quite a lot as well!! We just can’t get anyone to church, that is the problem.  So that is our focus this week because we have all these people who want to get baptized but they need to come to church but coming for the first time is always the hardest, but then they always love it, especially here.  The branch has 90 people and we have a gorgeous building so that always helps!! We are gonna blow up Palma with baptisms soon!!!

Well that’s about it, sorry transfers were this week so that’s why I’m emailing today. I just got moved in the middle of the transfer out here.  I love you all!! 


Elder Farah

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